Engraving trophies with dazzling finishes

You can make prize giving extra exciting

Professional computerised engraving

We engrave trophies and more

When it comes to giving prizes, being able to add the victor's name to the trophy makes the moment extra magical. At The Heel Bar, we offer computerised engraving services.

We don't just engrave sports goods

Whether you're looking for someone to engrave a sports plaque or you're interested in corporate engraving, we can help. Got a piece of jewellery you want to personalise? Then let us do the work.

Engraving jewellery and more

  • We engrave bracelets, necklaces, rings, and more

  • Personalise your sports cups and plaques

  • Let us engrave glass on your behalf

  • Call to see if we can engrave your products

Whether it's engraving jewellery or personalising keys, we carry out our work to the highest standards. Need shoes fixed? We can do that too.

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