Bringing your footwear back to life with shoe repairs

Don't throw away your favourite shoes just yet

Shoe repairs that'll make your feet happy

We can replace heels, mend leather, and more

If you have a pair of shoes you just can't bear to part with, why not get them repaired? Using our shoe repair service, you can make your footwear last for longer.

We repair shoes of all shapes and sizes

Whether it's your kids' school shoes or the heels you wear to work, we can repair shoes of all shapes and sizes. At The Heel Bar, we offer heel repair services in the Belfast and Greater Belfast areas.

You can wait while we work

  • Why not sit in our waiting area while we repair your shoes?

  • Got a broken suitcase zip? We can work on that too

  • Our services include mending heels, fixing soles, and more

  • You can bring in all types of footwear

  • Let us repair all of your leather goods

Do you need a fresh set of keys for your home? Pop into our store and use our key cutting service while you wait.


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A families shoes are set side by side, from small to large A pair of shoes intertwined, their heels showing